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Size guide

Little.Lee Fedoras are made from 100% Australian Wool for highest quality hats. To ensure the perfect fit prior to purchase - please measure around the circumference of your head where you would like your hat to sit to find your ideal size.   

  • ​48cm 5cm 8.5cm (Small: 6 Months - 2 Years old)

  • 52cm 9.5cm (Medium: 2 - 4 Years old)

  • 55cm 6cm 9.5cm (Large: 4 - 9 Years old)

  • 57cm 6.7cm 10cm ( Teen to adults - most common size for women)

  • 59cm (Adults Large)​

  •   All our hats come with chin straps and Each hat is equipped with a small inner ribbon which can be 'cinched in' and tied in a bow to tighten the fit of the hat as required. ​    

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